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I am a born and bred Irish Catholic who grew up and was educated in Boston and Brockton Massachusetts.  That is, until fate intervened and I followed my destiny as an Airman in the United States Air Force, fulfilling   a dream of traveling the world.  We came with the intentions of finding a comfortable place to live in between two worlds Ė and now itís been 22 years later, weíre still here, and my American Indian side has taken hold.


Since 1991 weíve been living in Spanaway Washington, just south of Tacoma and even more south of Seattle.  I must say that, despite missing my daughters and grandchildren, I love this old place dearly.   It really is the heart of the world in terms of east meets west, both in culture and in food.  Pretty much most of the west coast is focal point of east meets west, but it is cooler here and the winters are more mild than the east coast.

Question is - what havenít I done!  I am a trained administrative manager, communications expert, & computer technologist.  After becoming one of the best in the field, I switched careers and played with all forms of neat infrastructures; sometimes in fixed, mobile, or satellite communications,  and sometimes in computers.  Iíve talked to the White House on many occasions, as well as worked at Microsoft and Intel, creating the future of things to come.  Iíve also traveled the world and touch history, living the dreams that some have only read and fantasized about.  Now, Iíve settled down and reflect on goals achieved and dreams fulfilled.  Iím happy as a supervisor in one of the departments of licensing in the state of Washington.

If I were just to list them, and put them in chronological order, it would be something like this: enlist at 17, the birth of my first born, skiing in the Rockies, secrets and never worrying about anyone attacking the US, driving cross country, the real people of Southeast Asia, being spit on in San Francisco airport, Operation Baby Lift and a people without a country, a quiet and shy Korean, California dreaming, the canyons of southeast U.S., running all of USAF satellite control, Turkey the country and not the other white meat, the walk among Romans, Maryís last house, a tour of Europe, living in the southeast Ė when east really meets southeast, going to war Ė the Gulf War Ė and redemption from the seventies, packing it up and moving to the northeast, saving a life, isnít technol-ogy wonderful Ė then reality sets  in, my business, then settling down at DOLÖ

Because living is sharing, and sharing is leaving behind so many of the things accomplished that made me very happy (my family, my job, my experiences, the sunshine...), that have made me the man I am today.   In my lifetime, Iíve touched so many, did so much, and believe Iíve inspired others.  In sharing my journey, sharing my thoughts, youíll come to know what some of my generation have done.  Hence my interest in writing!

Everything on this site (except where I have specified otherwise) is mine Ė all text and all photos.  This means that copyright in all the material belongs to me and all rights are reserved. This means that you may not in any form reproduce any text or picture from this site without first asking me and obtaining my permission.
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